BLOOM Training Videos

BLOOM Training Videos

Watch video tutorials on how to implement and use BLOOM throughout your organization.

Video Tutorials

1.  Introducing BLOOM

View this quick overview of the BLOOM system to understand its full capabilities.

2.  Getting Started with BLOOM

Learn the 5 easy steps needed to fully implement BLOOM and the support that is provided to help you get started.

3.  The BLOOM Dashboard

Learn more about the dashboard information that is directly available to all employees when they login.

4.  Strategic Growth Plan

Learn more about the purpose and structure of developing a Strategic Growth Plan in BLOOM to align team members.

 5.  Role Management and Wage Alignment

Learn how to manage employee roles and wage analysis within BLOOM. There is also a quick review on the steps to assure proper wage, role and employee creation for ultimately successful role management.

6.  Create New Role Descriptions

 Learn how to create new role descriptions in BLOOM.

7.  Post Employee Notes

Learn how to post 4 types of employee notes in BLOOM: performance journal notes; development goal notes; learning activity notes; and kudos and feedback notes.

8.  Individual Development Goals

Learn how employees and managers can create and track individual development goals for employees.

9.  Employee Self Reviews

Employees can learn how to complete self reviews in the BLOOM system by rating and adding comments to all performance review areas.

10.  BLOOM Manager Reviews

Managers learn how to complete employee performance reviews for their direct reports by rating and posting comments to all review areas.

11.  Assign and Track Learning Activities

Manager learn how to assign and track learning activities with BLOOM performance management system.

12.  Resource Center

Learn about the various types of unlimited files that can be made accessible to 5 different levels of security within BLOOM.


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