BLOOM Pricing

BLOOM Pricing

An affordable performance management system that will be implemented quickly with front line managers.


BLOOM Pricing

BLOOM Pricing

An affordable performance management system that will be implemented quickly with front line managers.

BLOOM Performance Management® Pricing

All BLOOM Performance Management System® pricing includes preliminary training by phone, startup checklists and timeline, manager and employee quick start guides, easy 5-step implementation process, SSL-secure hosted site, and unlimited data storage. You will be ready to introduce the system to your managers and employees within days or weeks - not months.


License fees include:

  • Discount for annual license payment
  • Unlimited data storage SSL-secure hosted site
  • Customizable fields available throughout the system
  • Online help desk including user feedback forum
  • Blog articles and tips to help gain internal buy-in and support
  • Training videos available on our website
  • Automatic system upgrades at no charge
  • We require a 30-day cancellation notice. If you cancel, you’ll be billed for the current billing cycle and that's it
# of Users
Monthly Fee
Annual Fee
1 - 24
25 - 49
50 - 99
100 - 149
150 - 299
300 - 499
Call us for details.
(866) 250-8710
Call us for details.
(866) 250-8710

Easy Kickstart Process

Schedule an online demonstration to learn about our talent management system. If you decide to move forward, we will assist you with executing the 5-step implementation process via our BLOOM Kickstart Service Package for just $2,398. Other than the license fees above, there are no other required fees. The BLOOM Kickstart Service Package includes:

  • Getting Started webinar
  • 4 hours of personalized one-on-one training including custom development of your implementation timeline with weekly reminders
  • Documented implementation guide, checklist and manager and employee quick start guides
  • Performance Management Playbook

If you are short of resource to complete the implementation process, our on-demand implementation services are available upon request for additional fees.


Compare BLOOM

Compare BLOOM

There are a lot of features that make the BLOOM Performance Management System® different than other leading talent management SaaS.


Compare BLOOM

Compare BLOOM

There are a lot of features that make the BLOOM Performance Management System® different than other leading talent management SaaS.

The BLOOM Difference

BLOOM is a system that serves small and mid-size organizations with a complete and cost-effective solution. Here are the top reasons why we think you should consider using BLOOM instead of other systems.


Simple dashboard.

When employees log in, there is one simple and clear Dashboard that includes all activities due within next the 30 days. If you choose not to use some BLOOM features, the Dashboard will adapt. There is no complex configuration required.

Annual agreements are optional.

Most other systems require at least an annual agreement. BLOOM offers annual agreements for a 10% discount or pay month-to-month via an easy recurring payment.

Customize and personalize review forms.

Not only can HR select the areas to rate on the review form, the employee’s specific requirements are imported in the following areas: role Key Results Areas, individual development goals, competencies, learning activities, performance journal notes and strategic initiative progress can each be automatically imported into employee reviews.

Assign strategic growth plan details.

You can assign multiple team members to each strategic initiative, objective, goal, or action step and assign deadlines, budget, objectives, measurements, and files to each detail to assure strategic alignment and understanding throughout the organization. Completion and progress of these growth plan details can also be reviewed during performance reviews.

Track and schedule learning activities and performance.

Systems such as ReviewSNAP only assist with completing performance reviews. BLOOM also tracks, schedules, monitors, and sends email notifications for learning activities, classes, and programs assigned to employees for performance enhancement and development.

Create role descriptions.

BLOOM includes a role description module for creating dynamic and complete role descriptions. Role Description Key Results Areas and Competencies can be imported and rated in relevant performance reviews for employees. This avoids job description development which is often forgotten and viewed as irrelevant.

Simple interface.

The most common comment we receive is how intuitive and easy BLOOM is to not only implement, yet also easy to initially train employees and get them quickly up to speed.   

Cost effective.

For the same price or less, BLOOM includes more integrated features and is easier to use than other systems.

Security permissions.

BLOOM includes four security levels that make security simple and easy to understand: Admin, Executive, Manager, and Personal.

Quick implementation.

The 5 easy implementation steps are commonly completed within 3-6 weeks. It doesn't get much more efficient than that.

Employee resources.

You can embed 3rd-party links within your BLOOM Dashboard to other HR and organization resources. An Employee Information Center includes a vast library of forms and resources for HR and staff. System resources and documentation can be hidden to share as needed. 


We actively listen to our customers, and we know that businesses have different needs. We offer a few limited options that can be turned on or off as needed. Our system setup and codes customization are super easy to navigate, and nearly every dropdown field can be customized.

We listen to our customers.

We consider our customers to be our business partners and we listen to their needs. All BLOOM system development decisions about new features and system design are made based on our customers' needs and ideas.  We implement new features throughout the year to accommodate the needs of our user base and offer regular communication and training to support system administrators.