Easy 5-step BLOOM Implementation

BLOOM 5-step Implementation

Our 5-step methodology and tools make BLOOM implementation possible within days or weeks - not months.

Our Simple BLOOM Setup Process

BLOOM is implemented in 5 easy self-service steps. You can be up and operating within days or weeks - not months. Our online or phone help desk is here every step of the way.


Enter Wage Scales

Not required. Only required if you want to monitor the wage analysis for all/some team members.


Enter Learning Classes & Programs

Not required. Only required if you are assigning required learning activities to roles or tracking learning completion by team member.


Enter Role Profiles

Required. In our dynamic role profile development module, you will clearly define the expectations of all roles to properly inform the feedback and development process.


Enter Team Members

Required. Team members must be assigned to roles to activate the system for managers. Individual development goals can also be entered at this step, however it is not required.


Enter Organization Growth Plan

Not required. Your organization's growth goals, objectives, strategies and tactics can be assigned to team members and tracked for completion.


Getting Started

Watch this video on how to get started with easily implementing BLOOM for your organization. 


BLOOM Evolves with Your Talent Process

Note that only steps 2 and 5 steps above are required to start using this system. These two steps will get you ready for daily tracking of feedback and development in your organization. Other aspects of BLOOM can be implemented at any time.



Implementation Tools

Implementation tools and useful downloads for BLOOM Performance Management System.

BLOOM Pre-Implementation Roadmap

Learn about our philosophy for effective performance planning.

BLOOM Implementation Guide

Learn more about the BLOOM 5-step process to getting started.

Sample Implementation Timeline

See sample timeline for planning your BLOOM implementation within weeks.

Training Videos

Watch helpful videos from the BLOOM video library to guide you in your setup.