We have been hard at work over the past few weeks to bring tons of new updates to BLOOM!

Check out the following system updates for January 2016!


We have created a scorecard for you to see critical Performance Management items for your organization. You will find this under Organization > BLOOM Scorecard


You now have the ability to "push" a termination immediately, and select whether or not the termination was voluntary or involuntary. 

New Work Hour Status

Added new status on the Role History change screens to reflect an ever changing dymanic workforce.

Anonymous Feedback

You now have the ability to leave feedback for a fellow team member without them knowing it was from you.  Your HR/Admins will know, but they have full access to everything anyway!

Feedback Activity

See all the Kudos/Feedback you gave for others.  
Go to Myself > Kudos/Feedback and click View Activity Log

Performance Journal Revision History

Anytime a journal entry is edited, you will now see a Revision History link where you can see the changes made to the journal. On any performance journal listing, if there are revisions you will see a Revision History (n) link.  Clicking that will show you the history.

Activities - Custom Files/Links

You now have the ability to associate files/links to any activity. You will find this in the Admin > Activities > Activity edit screen..

Emulate Team Members

Many times as Admin, you wish you could see what your users are seeing. Now you can! Go to the Admin > Team Member list.  Click on the EMULATE link found under the last login date of the team member you want to login as.  You will be taken to that person's dashboard.  The interface will turn green to reming you that you are not posting as yourself.  To get back to your login, simple click View as Myself on the top menu.

Multiple Supervisors - or whatever you want to call them

Previously, BLOOM allowed for a Primary and Seconday supervisor.

We now have a Primary Supervisor and up to four secondary viewers of the team members profile.  

To enable this feature, go to Admin > Settings.  You will see the Additional Access section.  Select Yes or No for each of the 4 levels and associate a custom title.  

When you do this, this will turn on the multiple levels on Role History to allow you to select anyone with at least a Manager security level.  Your choices and custom titles will be reflected in BLOOM.

Growth Plan Changes

  • Associate master level files for quick access. You will find this feature on the main overview listing page.
  • Ability to move a strategy to a different objective.