Hello!  Today the following feature updates have been posted to the BLOOM system.

  • New review print style sheet - see attached file for the new condensed format
  • Review ratings are shifted from number ratings (i.e. 1-2-3-4-5) to descriptors (i.e. Unsatisfactory, Needs Improvement, Meets Expectations, Above Expectations and Exceptional Performer)

All pending reviews will include these changes when they are opened.  There should be no problems with the overall review ratings and descriptions as when the reviews are opened for review, completion and printing, they will pull in these changes.

If for some reason you have problems, you can easily coach employees to do the following:

1: Managers and Admins should open the review that has some progress on it. Again, this will then go in and autoupdate the overall scoring to the new rules. You will have to do this by default in order to print off a review, so this will be automatic.

2: If there is a potential issue with a KRA update etc., the manager should go to that section, review and then press update. That will then recalibrate the ratings to the new rankings. They should keep the same ratings or possibly change a review rating if they did not finish a section to complete and update the section.  Even if they do not want to change anything, they should click update to correct any issues they are having.  

We tested this on various reviews and companies and the functions were working as stated.  If you have any problems, please click the red support link at the top of your screen and submit a ticket.  We will promptly respond. 

Thank you and will keep you posted on the next update which will be giving employees and managers the ability to complete their review e-signature and online comments in the system - rather completing these tasks in the printed form.  This will make the review process paperless from start to finish.

Have a great week!