BLOOM Solves The Challenge of Managers with Rotating Teams/Shifts!

Is your organization one with managers expected to keep track of rotating teams, multiple shifts, and fluid reporting structures?   You are not alone!  BLOOM worked in partnership with a client whose needs went beyond the traditional manager/subordinate framework.  The challenge was how can I safely "open" up my employees to allow an ever changing reporting structure?  This client has rotating managers who manage shift teams of specialists in a 24/7 operation.  

The BLOOM team strategists developed a super simple way to allow any manager to give input about any employee's performance on the team while still being able to give formal reviews and feedback to their primary and secondary reports.

With this solution, the client now has an easy-to-use recording tool to ensure their organization maximizes their hourly workforce in the most streamlined way possible. 

With this new feature,  BLOOM provides a tool for flexible team environments.

How do you turn on this feature?

Navigate to ADMIN > Settings

Go to Manager View Personal:  Turning this to "Y" will allow anyone with a MANAGER security level to access any employee with a PERSONAL security level in the MY TEAM section.  This ensures that the manager will not have any visibility to view any other manager, executive, or administrator of the organization.

From the MY TEAM menu, the Manager will view any of their primary or secondary reports. 

The new addition is that a link will appear called "All Employees". Clicking this link will take you to a new page.

This new page will surface all employees in the organization that have a Personal security level.  Clicking on the employee name will take you to the manager screens for the employee where you can record performance journals, participate in reviews, view employee goals, and more!