Our elves have been busy this month making candy canes and new enhancements to BLOOM! The following is a list of updates followed by a section of screen shots.

Expanded Team Member profile access from 2 to 5

You can now assign 1 primary supervisor and up to 4 alternate access individuals to be able to access any team member profile.  This change allows alternate supervisors, coaches, or mentors to have the ability to view a team member as if they were their supervisor.  These indivisuals will be able to participate in performance dialogues, add/edit goals, etc.  Access to Pay Data follows the same rules as Role Codes for Supervisors.

Previously, you could only assign 1 primary and 1 secondary supervisor.  If you use the secondary supervisor field, those inviduals will now be listed as "Alternate Access 1"


Organization > Interact > BLOOM Scorecard

See how active the supervisors and team members are in BLOOM.  The initial report defaults to the past 30 days. Use the date filters to change the date range.  Reports are listed by most active Supervisors/Team Members.

  • Supervisors: Track the number of BLOOM activities that supervisors have completed for the development of themselves and their team members.
  • Team Members: Track number of BLOOM activities the stated team member has completed for his or her own development.

Growth Plan Changes

  • Ability to associate cloud based files.
  • Ability to assign files at top level for overall plan (IE: Scorecards)
  • Assign Team Members in bulk
  • Ability to move Strategy/Tactics

New Support Center

We have moved our support operations to Teamwork Desk to handle our support tickets and help documentation.  We have used Teamwork for years to manage our BLOOM project plans/system upgrades, so it only made sense for use their new support product.  

Our support email and URL remains the same


Profile Access


Growth Plans