Our new BLOOM platform is coming soon!

Our programming team has been hard at work for the greater part of 2014: building and upgrading BLOOM to a new coding platform. This shift was done to easily accommodate growth and ongoing integration of new features to make BLOOM easier to use. We also have installed all new servers that will be running at 4 times the computing power of the current BLOOM servers.

When will this change happen? 

We are planning for early March. The move will happen during the evening and off-hours to minimize impact.  

When we have our final date set, we will inform you with timely reminders and we will post on-screen banners within the BLOOM application letting everyone know the dates and times.  Note that BLOOM will be offline for a few hours as we move the live databases over to the new server.   Once the database is moved, we will repoint the URL you are now using (bloomwarecore.com) over to the new server.  Once there, you use the same login structure, and you will be set to go.

What will be different?

You will immediately notice a major update to the interface.

  • Freshened up login screen
  • New overall interface design with new color scheme and fonts  
  • All of the screens and process flows will remain the same as we lay down the foundation with the new platform.  Once moved over, we have a development road map planned for updates and improved efficiency to many sections of BLOOM.   

We will keep you posted!  Thank you for your continued support of BLOOM!

Shelley Moore & Michael Connelly

BLOOM Co-Founders