Use Index Tools to Guide the Employee Development Process

We recommend the Kolbe Indexes® as most effective tool for predicting performance

The Kolbe A, B and C Indexes® provide a holistic understanding of the natural instincts and unique talents of each employee. Understanding these instincts enables you to form synergistic teams and empowers managers to develop effective approaches for successful leadership. Any size company can benefit from the Kolbe Wisdom® system.

Understanding Kolbe®: How we all solve problems

Human instinct is the power behind all actions and is the source of mental energy. The Kolbe Indexes® supplement assessments that measure intelligence and personality so that you can optimize hiring, deployment, retention, and effectiveness.

Research, both academic and practical, has shown that our creative instincts shape how we accomplish tasks and solve problems. To reiterate what we’ve discussed in previous posts, the Kolbe A Index® identifies four action modes that form these instincts:

  • Fact Finder: the instinct to probe
  • Follow Through: the instinct to pattern
  • Quick Start: the instinct to innovate
  • Implementor: the instinct to demonstrate

Ways to use Kolbe® results for employee development

Whether you're looking to hire someone, choose the best person for an important project, or build a successful business team, the Kolbe Wisdom System® can help you assess and deploy your workforce for maximum productivity.

Practical application: act on the knowledge you gain from index results:

  • Help employees set attainable, measurable personal goals that are supported by their natural instincts
  • Understand how personal goals further the overall vision of the company
  • Identify areas where employee training is needed
  • Implement a performance management system (we of course recommend BLOOM) to monitor and track training completion, performance, and goals
  • Set new goals when past goals are met
  • Regularly and effectively communicate
  • Establish incentive programs that encourage and reward personal growth and productivity

An Example: Adapted from Wendy Buckingham’s article, “Basic Instincts” (pdf)

A manager who is a Fact Finder will research all the possible details to present to her team. If the team is largely comprised of Quick Starts, whose instinct is to take an idea and run with it, the team will be frustrated with the amount of detail the manager provides and will be anxious and inattentive. In turn, the manager will feel that her team does not value her work or contributions. By understanding team members’ instincts, the manager can adapt presentations so they are more easily digested by Quick Starts - for example, leading with a summary - and still have all the background information available when questions arise.

Insight is trained and certified in the Kolbe Wisdom® process, and we can apply the results from the Kolbe system to help you:

  1. Create effective teams by choosing individuals with complementary talents.
  2. Improve how existing teams perform by examining the complete array of talent within a team and explaining how to deploy talent and problem solving.
  3. Reduce employee stress and conflict and increase communication by understanding how people optimally operate in the workplace.
  4. Help employees harness their instinctive talents in synergistic ways by discovering their own process to meet a challenge.
  5. Determine the best candidates for a given position by comparing an applicant’s talents to what a job demands.

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