Professional Development Progress Through Peer Coaching

Have you ever tried a new diet or committed to a New Year’s resolution only to lose momentum a week or two in? Have you asked a friend to check in on your progress or—even better—to join you? That’s a form of peer coaching that helps with accountability, and it’s just as applicable in the office as in the gym.

The point of this type of relationship is professional growth, and while it may not be easy to open up to peers at first it will ultimately lead to feedback that employees can incorporate (or not) into their professional development plans and behaviors. As the coaching relationships continue, employees will develop closer ties and become advocates for each other. They’ll engage more readily.

Without this feedback people will withdraw and withhold, which are unhealthy behaviors for achieving growth and for courage to develop. As a result there will be passive-aggressive tendencies and lack of satisfaction with work.

Share Your Experience

Have you implemented peer coaching in your organization? What advice can you offer other leaders considering such a feedback mechanism?