Pricing Revisited: BLOOM Is Still An Economical Choice for Small Businesses

  • Methodology based on Insight’s experience. You save the time it would take to develop, track, and support an in-house performance management system.
  • Automated features. Wizards and email notifications provide guidance and reminders, and its documentation and tracking save you the time and hassle of tracking down information and generating reports from scratch.
  • Develops better habits. An effective human resources program requires commitment. Small businesses that adopt the right habits and use BLOOM to manage strategic initiatives, roles, and employee performance can save the expenses of an HR person and haphazard in-house talent management systems. Like any tool, though, BLOOM is only effective if it is used regularly.
  • Support that small business needs. BLOOM is Software as a Service (SaaS) and includes support services for related management development.

Now we’ve updated our pricing structure to better meet the needs of small businesses. The 30-day trial is free. Take a look at BLOOM to see how you can effectively align your business strategy and employee performance for less than you might expect.