Simplify! Performance Management That Really Works!

Think about why and how you use (or would use) a talent management system. Just to keep track of employee performance and compensation data? Consider the knowledge that data would provide if you connected it with your organization’s goals and initiatives. That’s what strategic alignment is all about – identifying the destination, the path, and the people to increase your chances of success. A strategic performance management system helps you stay on course, but when there are too many bells and whistles in the system it becomes bloated and unruly. Even turning off the complex features of other systems tempts clutter in your processes. Simplify!

When you’re running a business you take great pains to develop your vision and strategy and to use a model that works. When you put so much effort into putting all the pieces in the right place, why would you even consider changing the configuration of your unique processes to accommodate the rules and structure of a talent management system? That’s what many systems require; we’ve heard it from our clients, and we’ve experienced it ourselves.

BLOOM Performance Management System Eliminates the Excess

Front line managers need a system that supports them and helps them align talent with strategy. In our experience, successful talent management software means that you connect:

  • Strategic growth initiatives
  • Transparent measure for success
  • Organizational structure
  • Roles & key results areas
  • Individual development plans
  • Talent & performance reviews
  • Rewards, advancements & incentives
  • Learning & development programs

A Better Way: Simple Talent Management

We designed BLOOM® to be a simple talent management system. BLOOM’s approach:

  • Wins early buy-in from front line managers because they understand the benefits of talent management AND how to use the software
  • Clearly connects business strategy with organizational structure
  • Supports your business process rather than imposing a rigid framework that just doesn’t fit
  • Achieves quick, easy implementation without additional fees (often that means you’ll be up and running in a matter of weeks (or days if you have all your data ready) – not months!)

Other systems are these systems overly complicate and priced so that clients pay for those little- to never-used features!