Optimize costs and develop people by outsourcing to specialists

Bringing in HR specialists enables you to focus on your core business while ensuring that a keen eye is on talent and human resource management. There are a number of benefits to an outsourcing arrangement:

  • Cost savings are often associated with outsourcing rather than hiring internal staff to manage non-core functions
  • Great IT efficiencies through integrated tools
  • Readily-available advisors provide another perspective
  • Employees do not waste time reinventing the wheel of administrative tasks

Insight partners with Reach 360 to help you streamline & accelerate your people development

Insight is a strategic growth firm that starts with understanding your organizational objectives and goals to help transition the expectations of your culture during changing times. Reach360 provides you relief from the burden of day‐to‐ day business administration through a complete circle of services—including Human Resource Management, Accounting and Financial Services, and IT support—all through one phone number.

Insights’ turnkey performance management system, BLOOM®, aligns people performance functions with your business strategy. Reach 360’s robust IT systems bridge ongoing information exchanges between payroll, insurance, 401K, and ancillary benefit programs vendors.

Stop wasting time with double and triple data entry between payroll and benefit systems

  • Bridge information between all of your HR vendors
  • Link your strategic plan to the performance management of your people
  • Automate role descriptions, performance reviews, employee goals setting, training, tracking, wage scale tracking, strategic status reviews, and more.
  • Complete, secure access to information 24/7

Growth with Savings

There is no better combination in business than growing a business with better strategy and decision-making with simultaneous achieving cost savings. Based on our experience, here are some examples of what that can look like in small and mid-size organizations when you integrate improved strategic talent leadership with more efficient HR systems:

Cost Savings

  • Benefits: as much as $250,000 annually (average $20,000‐60,000/yr)
  • Commercial Insurance: as much as $100,000 annually (average $45,000/yr)
  • Payroll: as much as $20,000 annually (average $15,000/yr)
  • Recruitment: As much as $10,000 annually (average $7,000/year)
  • Time & Attendance: as much as $15,000 annually (average $10,000/yr)

Growth (Manufacturing)

  • 18% compounded annual growth for 10 years straight
  • $9.6m to $18m in 2 years; industry down 15% per year
  • $35m to $165m in 3 years
  • $12m to $17m in 1 year; industry down 30%
  • $40m to $120m in 3 years

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