Measure an employee’s performance with standard Key Performance Areas

BLOOM® enables Human Resources managers to get rid of the countless spreadsheets they likely use to track information and to instead manage roles -- including descriptions, education and training requirements, and now Key Resource Areas (KRA) -- in a centralized, web-based location. When it comes time for an employee’s review, BLOOM® pulls in the person’s corresponding KRA and other applicable data that their supervisor will rate as appropriate. By tying roles to reviews, BLOOM® ensures that reviews are unique to each employee and that reviews occur regularly. That helps managers keep a bead on performance trends and human resources to have the information they need to make personnel decisions.

Meet goals & objectives through action plans & assigned tasks

Companies can already enter their organizational goals into BLOOM®, breaking down each goal into multiple objectives and each objective into multiple action plans. The latest updates to the Goals module enables Human Resources to assign a leader and multiple team members the responsibility and even to associate multiple files with each action plan. Each employee’s BLOOM® dashboard summarizes objectives, action plans, and due dates so that they have a clear picture of what’s required.

BLOOM® is a web-based, fully-integrated performance management system that supports individuals and working teams. BLOOM® was developed by Insight Strategic Concepts® Inc. For more information contact us at 866.250.8710 or 574.970.1322.

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