Clarity and simplicity form the backbone of the BLOOM® Performance Management System, and as part of BLOOM’s expanded feature series, more new releases extend BLOOM®’s emphasis on usability.

BLOOM® incorporates a number of functional modules that integrate to make performance management painless. The Reviews and Employee Assessments modules received new features and updates that further clarify and simplify communication between managers and employees and provide executive-level users with the critical information they need for making personnel decisions.

More commenting space enables comprehensive note-taking.

  • More space for all responses and comments by the employee and by the manager.

  • A place for the manager to add final comments before the review is approved.

  • A new page that indicates that a review has been completed.

Automatic imports pull the relevant information into the corresponding review sections.

  • Each review imports essential duty categories from the employee’s role description so that a manager can rate each duty individually.

  • Administrators can include/exclude some elements on the company’s standard review form.

  • Employee goals are weighted as a percentage when they’re entered. Reviews import the goals and their weights to calculate the overall rating for the review’s section on goals.

  • Default setting during the approval process is now “signed.”'

Attach files and enable fine-tuned executive access to Employee Assessments.

  •  A new option to upload individual assessment files (e.g. Word or PDF)

  • Executive-level users now have access to a results report for all employees so that the user can compare and contrast talents for job matching.

BLOOM® is a web-based, fully-integrated performance management system that supports individuals and working teams. BLOOM® was developed by Insight Strategic Concepts® Inc. For more information contact us at 866.250.8710.

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