The BLOOM® Performance Management System now offers more to its users: additional functionality for employee goals and a new login and dashboard.

This latest round of updates provides managers and administrators with more ready access to employee performance information so that they spend less time compiling data and more time focusing on what really matters: the employee. Supervisors and human resources managers will appreciate the flexibility of the new features in BLOOM’s employee goals functionality:

•   Set priorities (high, medium, and low) for each goal so that there’s no question as to what’s most important.

•   Specific weights (set as a percentage) for each goal. BLOOM® then imports the weight and calculates its effect on ratings for performance reviews.

•   Goals are accessible from multiple pages, making them always only a click away.

Several new features also enhance managers’ BLOOM® dashboard:

  •  “My Team Goals Due” for employees who directly report to them
  • “Employee goals due in 30 days” list

Further, users now have a what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor that enables them to bold, italicize, and otherwise format text as needed

BLOOM® is a web-based, fully-integrated performance management system that supports individuals and working teams. BLOOM® was developed by Insight Strategic Concepts® Inc. For more information contact us at 866.250.8710 or 574.970.1322.

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