The Right People + The Right Strategy = Unstoppable Success!

A solid strategy and direction helps set a path . . .

Most business leaders would agree that having a business strategy -- a focus, goals for growth, and a plan of action -- is an undoubtedly vital element of running business. Companies spend a considerable amount of time, energy, and money identifying a strategy, acquiring and implementing the right equipment, technology, and processes. Of course they do! Otherwise they leave themselves wide open to unimaginable risk. The fact is over 60% of employees state they have no idea what their company's strategy is, or how their job fits into the success of the strategy.

. . . and the right personnel enables your company to stay on course and on pace.

We know that “people issues” can have a negative ripple effect on productivity, quality, sales, customer service, and growth. Having the right people implement your strategy -- whether she’s the one who can properly run the equipment or he’s running client meetings -- means you won’t fall into the bucket with the many, many companies whose mismatched roles, lack of organizational clarity, and employee turnover cost them thousands upon thousands of dollars annually in lost productivity.

Often we encounter companies that are examining strategy and workforce development simultaneously, but they lack a comprehensive focus that explores how the two align. They fail to see successful business scenarios for success and how their people should fulfill strategy.

The kind of people and strategy we’re talking about really is possible.

At Insight, we see that people drive organizations. Your people plus your strategy forms the DNA of your business, and it’s that DNA that sets you apart, makes you unique, and gives you your competitive advantage. And when you align your people with your strategy and reach optimum performance, that’s an untouchable  recipe that your competition cannot replicate.

Ask yourself the following questions about you and your organization:

  • Do you have active compelling business scenarios, a strong brand proposition, and focused market strategies that are aligned with the trends and uncertainties of our time?
  • When was the last time you developed and evaluated your strategic initiatives and communicated them to your management team?
  • Do you agree that you have the right people on board?
  • Are your people aligned correctly in the right roles?
  • How are you tracking their development?
  • Are your strategies outlined well and broken down into measurable and time specific tasks that can be assigned to the right individuals and teams within your organization?

It’s a busy business world, and Insight can help you align people with strategy and see the results with BLOOM® Performance Management System.

BLOOM® is propriety, web-based software developed, implemented, and provided by Insight. It’s a customizable system that will enable your organization to communicate long- and short-term strategic goals and tasks, who’s responsible, and when they’re due. BLOOM® goes even further; it tracks progress, specifies training, defines roles, measures performance, and completes all other common strategic planning and human resource performance planning functions. In short, BLOOM® knows where your organization is heading and the steps they will take on that path.

Benefits of BLOOM®

  • Serves as a central location for all strategic initiatives with corresponding people development tracking
  • Reduces phone tag, paperwork, and data entry
  • Provides secure online access so that you can view and update information anytime, anywhere
  • Enables single source access to the most recent versions of information
  • Automates time-consuming, often avoided processes
  • Facilitates unified communication to all employees
  • Grants multiple security levels to display information at the Individual, Managerial, Executive, and Administrator levels

Features of BLOOM® include:

  • Performance log
  • Performance reviews aligned to specific role descriptions
  • Employee compensation analysis per company wage scales
  • A unified location and tracking system of all strategic initiatives (e.g. scope, objectives, and budgets)
  • A way to link individuals to assigned strategic priorities
  • Self-service access for employees to review to their information and assignments

What’s more? It’s intuitive.

Call us at 866.250.8710 to schedule a free, no-obligation demonstration. We even offer a 30-day free trial so that you can see BLOOM® in action and discover the difference it can make for your organization.