BLOOM October Surprise: Dialogue section changes!


BLOOM October Surprise: Dialogue section changes!

We have just released new updates to make the dialogue/review process much easier!  Here’s a quick summary of all we improved to make the dialogue/review process more efficient!

Evaluator is the new term for “Supervisor/Access”.  

Added a Mentoring Guide section. 

Engagements Guide is the new term for Achievements.  

Added “Values” as a dialogue type.

New dialogue form order.

Ability to reassign dialogues to another evaluator.

Form indenting for quicker visual scanning.

Improved “Evaluate/Do not evaluate” and “Missing Items” notifications.

Evaluator term

With the release of allowing custom titles for supervisors/managers/additional access, this term eliminates confusion with the evaluator’s role / role level not showing up on the dialogue form.


You now have the ability to add questions regarding mentoring.  This gives you a set of questions for your evaluator to assess the progress of the team member.  You then have the ability to turn on the Mentoring module for any dialogue type, and the questions will appear in the dialogue form.

Engagements Guide

The Achievements section is now called Engagements Guide.  

To add/edit engagements, you will now find the screen under Admin > Dialogues

“Values” dialogue type

You may now create a specific Values dialogue type for exclusive use of only asking Core Values questions on a dialogue.

New form order

The form components now appear in the following order.

  • Dialogue Information (Appears on all dialogues)

  • KRA

  • Competency

  • Goals

  • Engagement

  • Mentoring

  • Core Values

  • Communication Skills

  • Creativity & Initiative

  • Organization Standards

  • Role Knowledge

  • Work Relationships

  • Pay Data

  • Final Summary (Appears on all dialogues)

The biggest order change to all dialogues is that the “Final Summary/Completion Date” is the last item to complete.  This now allows you to have the natural flow of working through your dialogue, and then at the end, enter your date of completion and final comments.

Ability to reassign

Anyone with access to a team member’s profile has the ability to view/edit the dialogue. You can now assign a dialogue to any team member with the security level of “Manager” and above.  

You will find the functionality in the Pending lists or the “Dialogue Information” section on the top of the dialogue.

Two uses of this new feature:

  • By default, the team members “Supervisor” is listed as the Evaluator.  You can now change the evaluator to show a secondary access person is the one who actually performed the evaluation.

  • You can now assign anyone in the organization with the ability to be the primary evaluator. The dialogue will appear on their “Due” items list. If the person that you have assigned the dialogue to does not have the ability to view the team member’s profile, when the evaluator clicks out of the dialogue, they will see a message informing them of no access is available to them.

New form indenting

Each form section with multiple questions/ratings now has a indent so you can visually scan the form faster.

Improved “Evaluate/Do not evaluate” and “Missing Items” notifications

When you initially load the dialogue form, you see a more prominent incomplete sections flag with a notification color letting you know what needs to be completed.  Clicking on any of the dialogue section links will take you right to the area to be evaluated.

When you get to the section, you now will see the same color notification. You now have the ability to Evaluate the section, or click the “Do Not Evaluate” link. Clicking 'Do not evaluate' is to acknowledge that you wish to skip this part of the dialogue.  This section will be marked as 'Not Evaluated' and will not count towards the overall rating.

As each section is evaluated, you will now see a progression of green completed checks.

On the dialog lists (Due, Completed, Team Member), if the dialogue has been marked as completed and if there are missing items, you will see the same color notification under the dialogue edit link.  This informs you that items need to be done. Hovering over the notification gives you a definition of the Missing items.  The evaluator or team member can click back into the dialogue and using the Incomplete Sections shortcuts, be able to finish the dialogue.  

On any approval screen, you will now see missing item flags with the opportunity to complete the dialogue.


December 2015 Updates


December 2015 Updates

New expansion of profile access for coaches, mentors, and alternate supervisors. Many new features to organization growth goals and a new scorecard system.


Why Performance Dialogues Instead of Reviews?


Why Performance Dialogues Instead of Reviews?

We believe that performance reviews should be a thing of the The BLOOM Performance Optimization System is a feedback and development system. The system is designed to provide managers and their teams immediate ability to track feedback notes and development activities. People grow when managers consistently take the time to provide daily and weekly feedback and encourage learning activities that are relevant to their growth and success.


The New BLOOM Mobile Site Is Live


The New BLOOM Mobile Site Is Live

The single greatest determinant to employee retention is the degree of feedback and development that each employee receives from his or her direct manager.  BLOOM now offers a mobile site with direct access to our application. 


Google Single Sign On Is Live


Google Single Sign On Is Live

This new feature allows user to login by simply inputting their email addresses associated to their BLOOM accounts along with their passwords. In addition for Google users, upon signing in to Google accounts, you will automatically log in to BLOOM for easy and quick access.


BLOOM Mobile App Coming Soon


BLOOM Mobile App Coming Soon

By September 2015, BLOOM will be launching a new BLOOM Lite Mobile App giving managers and employees quick access to the following BLOOM features:

  • View reminders for goals, learning activities and reviews due within the next 30 days 
  • Post developmental goal progress notes
  • Post kudos and feedback for other employees
  • Manager posting of performance journal notes
  • Manager posting of completion dates and notes for employee learning activities

These upcoming features will give managers and employees field access to BLOOM from smartphones and tablets so that feedback and progress notes can be immediately posted when communications are made.  

For more information and announcements about the new BLOOM Mobile application can be found on the BLOOM blog at